Cancer is taking away 7 year child Aman Your small contribution can save his life

Every day is another challenge for us to fight our fears of losing Aman (UHID NO- 102771330 IRCH NO 199755 Hospital AIIMS) to a deadly disease. Cancer is slowly consuming 7-year-old boy’s life. His playfulness has been overcome by crankiness; he gets irritated very easily and cries at the look of injections. It’s all for his good, but his parents can not see him in pain. Aman is suffering from Myelomonocytic Leukaemia, a type of blood cancer which is the cancers of the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow. The only possible cure is an allogeneic bone marrow transplant. He is undergoing treatment in All India Institute of Medical Science ( AIIMS) The treatment may go for an year. . There will be many session of chemotherapy in the course of treatment Total treatment cost are estimated to be Rs. 4,50000. Aman’s parents losing there hope day by day as they are incapable of gathering a huge amount as this.
Aman’s father Mr Jitendra singh reside in small village name Hindoli Mohammadpur District Tanda (UP). Aman’s Father is a daily wager Every month, he manages to earn about Rs. 6000 Everything was well until we spotted white patches on Aman and blood in his stools; his breathing, too, took an irregular pattern.our lives took a huge turn when Aman was diagnosed with blood cancer. they still finding it difficult to come to terms with it, but for his son’s sake, his parents say they are doing all they can to remain strong. My heart is always ripped apart whenever I look at him; he is too young to go through this.
None of our relatives or friends is in the position to lend us money, and we have no other avenue open for us. The amount is unimaginable to arrange and his life is slowly fading away. I request you to contribute even the little you can; you can give my child a new hope.
Ashaa Foundation has taken the responsibility to provide financial help for their meal and lodging of the family till the end of treatment of child we are waiting for your response. Having lots of hope, so please revert as soon as possible its a matter of life a poor family can loose her daughter .Try to donate a best possible amount to save this innocent baby's life.With your help we are convinced we can achieve this goal. We are sure that after understanding the entire situation, anybody having a heart will not take back the step from helping this innocent child. Lets come together to save a life,

Patients and child family brief details

  • Name - Aman
  • Father name - Mr Jitendra singh
  • Address - village: Hindoli Mohammadpur District Tanda (UP)
  • IRCH No- 199755
  • UHID NO - 102771330
  • Hospital - A.I.I.M.S


We therefor sincerely appeal to donors like YOU come forward and extend your full support to enable to treat child Aman. Please join hand in our mission for this cause of saving the precious life of child Aman and donate generously for her treatment,we appeal to YOU to save the life of Aman by sending you support to Ashaa Foundation

Ashaa Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to help needy children. Ashaa Foundation is registered under Indian Trust Act 1950. Reg.3018. All donation to Ashaa Foundation are exempted from tax under section 80-G of Income Tax act.

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Treatment Cost Rs - 4,50000.00

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