appeal by Preetam


I do not understand the medical terms, but every time I look at my son’s face, I know he is suffering and what’s worse is that he’s too small to say it out loud. Ever since he arrived in this world, his tiny body has known nothing but endurance. My wife has been constantly questioning the creator of the universe, who gave life to our son, only so he could take it away with a lethal heart disease. My 2 month son Preetam, has a defect in his heart called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD Closer) Doctors explained to me that in this defect, the blood flow in my son’s body is not normal, resulting in insufficient oxygen. Due to this defect he turns blue and has trouble breathing.

I am Jitendra Singh a labourer by profession. My fate landed me in this job that demands a lot of toiling but doesn’t pay me more than Rs. 6000 a month. With an income so little, the 4 members of my family, including me are struggling to fulfill our basic needs. I have to look after my old parents, who given their age, are under some or the other medication. I have a 4-year-old daughter, who doesn’t understand much about the current situation, but definitely understands that her parents are struggling to collect money. She goes to pre-school and She often asks about Preetam and is still waiting for her little brother’s homecoming.

It all started when one month ago I took Preetam to our local doctor after he started turning blue and had trouble breathing. After several tests, we learned from the reports about the defect in Preetam’s heart. We also discovered that Preetam was born with this ailment. In our small town, the medical facilities available weren’t sufficient to treat my son. Hence, the doctor suggested us to take my son to Delhi for his further treatment. I did not have enough money to even begin his treatment, so I knocked every door possible to help me provide funds for my baby’s medical care. We came to Delhi and admitted Preetam in a hospital

This hospital is not only the place where my son is being treated but is also the roof over mine and my wife’s head, as we do not have anywhere else to go in this unknown city.

Now my son is under docter observation and need urgent Open Heart Surgery which amounts to Rs. 5.7000 . I have exhausted every coinage I borrowed so far on the hospital bills and have nothing left now.

Patients and child family brief details

  • Name - Preetam
  • Father name - Jetendra Singh
  • State - Rajasthan
  • UHID No - 103659167
  • Doctor name - R.Juneja and R Venkata
  • Hospital A.I.I.M.S

Ashaa Foundation has taken the responsibility to provide financial help for their meal and lodging of the family till the end of treatment of child we are waiting for your response. Having lots of hope, so please revert as soon as possible its a matter of life a poor family can loose his son.Try to donate a best possible amount to save this innocent baby's life.With your help we are convinced we can achieve this goal. We are sure that after understanding the entire situation, anybody having a heart will not take back the step from helping this innocent child. Lets come together to save a life,

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