My Son Nabil ( UHID No 100614564 ) is living with a rare disorder called ( Atrioventricular septal defect or AV canal AVSD) a serious Hearth disease,It is a complex heart defect. He was only 1 year old when He was diagnosed with such disorder . It was the worst day of our life when we came to know that our little Champ would need regular treatment to survive and that He won't be with us for too long as average age for such child The only cure for this disorder is to a heart surgery We came Delhi in AIIMS Hospital where we met "Dr.Milind " who's pediatric cardiologist .He advised us to have test within the family first to know more about this .We were more than happy but the cost is too high for this operation which is next to impossible for me to arrange. Doctor gave estimation of "90,000/- INR" . We’re not able to arrange such amount somehow, we managed sum other sources but we still need a huge amount to get this operation done.
I'm her to ask you for your support to save my son's life. I would be highly obliged if you can help me in this. even the smallest of help will be like blessings to me. Please come forward and help my son so he can live his life healthy.
We would update the situations here about how much additional funds we might need further for the same. Accordingly I would request for your support further when required.

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Thank you. Thanks for understanding this through & extending your support. This is a desperate plea for financial aid. Even a small contribution can go a very long way and lessen the financial burden on her parents. Please help this child and the family generously. Your all donation to Ashaa Foundation eligible under 80G

Patients and child family brief details

  • Name - Nabil( 9Year)
  • Father name - Yamin
  • UHID No - 100614564
  • Doctor name - Dr. Milind
  • Hospital A.I.I.M.S

We therefor sincerely appeal to donors like YOU come forward and extend your full support to enable to treat child Nabil. Please join hand in our mission for this cause of saving the precious life of child Nabil and donate generously for her treatment, we appeal to YOU to save the life of Nabil by sending you support to Ashaa Foundation

Ashaa Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to help needy children. Ashaa Foundation is registered under Indian Trust Act 1950. Reg.3018. All donation to Ashaa Foundation are exempted from tax under section 80-G of Income Tax act

Bank Details for fund transfer
Beneficiary Name: ASHAA FOUNDATION
Account No: 050100101007034
Account Type: SAVING
Ifsc code: CORP0000501

Branch: Corporation Bank, Block G-28-29, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

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Treatment Cost Rs - 90,000

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